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The average woman is bombarded with advertisements a day; by age 17, she has been exposed to overcommercial messages.

Half of those images use beauty as a product appeal. Research shows that exposure to air-brushed images of young, slender female bodies is linked to loss of self-esteem, depression, and eating disorders in girls and women. In America, we are surrounded by images adhering to an increasingly narrow standard of beauty that is unattainable for most.

Between elementary and high school, the percentage of girls in the U. Inthe Writers in Communities program at Gemini Ink, literary arts and ideas, felt the need for a conversation about issues like these. Led by professional Writers-in-Residence, girls ages five to seventeen examined the manipulative techniques of ideal beauty and body image used by advertisers to sell products, explored standards of beauty in eras and cultures beyond their own, and talked, drew, read, and wrote.

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Girls from all walks of life began a conversation about inner and outer beauty, using creative writing as a tool for gilrss the nature of beauty in themselves and others. In these pages we have the rare privilege of eavesdropping on that conversation. For some, the words written here reflect the beginning of critical thinking about media motives and messages about outward appearance; for others, the beginning of self-acceptance.

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For most, they reflect the beginning of a heightened awareness of the beauty all around them. Nowhere will you find these courageous young women being more themselves…and more beautiful.

For information on cost and availability, contact Gemini Ink at Writers-in-Residence Kristi Beall, Xelena Gonzalez, Donna Peacock, and Michele Stanush, who helped these young women tell their Tron on Butler New Jersey female adult girlss and create wonderful moments and memories with words; and Marian Haddad, Jenifer Hamilton, and Aretha Adult searching sex Columbia Maryland, for their work in helping shape this project.

Executive Director: Vemale Catacalos Managing Director: Rachel Christilles Operations Manager: Nancy S.

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Borris Director, Writers in Girlsss Bett Butler PR Director: Lynn Gosnell Development Coordinator: Kristi Johnson Interns: Beauty is. But I do try to stand out but at the same time be me. I try not to do something that everyone else is doing.

I try to do my best.

Amber Garcia, age Applied Jfrsey, well-done Jresey, and de-frizzed hair. Hannah Anderson, age Life is like a box of freshly opened crayons Some of us are like the color Black, the first to go, used up before they are truly needed. Tron on Butler New Jersey female adult girlss are like the colors red, blue, and yellow, primary, average, the beginnings of all. All others, excluding white, are exotic, not only for their color, but that they are based on others.

Then last off is gjrlss, watching the day go slowly as others go happily by. No matter Tron on Butler New Jersey female adult girlss color you represent, black, white, red, brown let your true color shine through.

No matter what crayon you are sparkle for one and all to see. I wish imperfection was beauty because if it was I would be the star of reality. But no matter how hard I wish upon a star we will always stay the way we are.

Carina, age I walk along the cold midnight beach. Stopping periodically to look at my reflection.

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I see a figure in the distance, walking towards me. We meet and walk together. Speaking not a word.

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I spy a rose. No pretty, red thing though.

A dark, drooping one. Then I realize it resembles me. A rose is a rose, dead or alive. I am who I am, beautiful or average. Raquel Espino, age I may not look like Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan, but who cares? Boys may.

Kelsey, age My Hair is perfect unlike my Legs. As Long as I try to make myself look beautiful, I look the same. God made me this way for a reason.

I want to be an artist just like my sister. I like to help people, especially elderly people.

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This is the truth of myself. Maybe pretty Maybe ugly Maybe tall Maybe short Maybe fat Maybe skinny Maybe brave Maybe scared but who cares because you should femael happy for who you are.

Kristi Coyle, age A butterfly is pretty because it has a lot of decorations. And it flies. And I wish I can fly. Angelica Marie Garza, age 7. They love to get celebrity men. They hate to get dirty.

They love to be in all the Model Magazines.

Heather Eubank, age Beauty is a clean bathroom, a clean room, a clean kitchen, beauty is everything. Beauty is everywhere, At night under your covers, In the morning in your bedroom mirror.

Beauty is everywhere In the middle of the day, beauty is at school. Beauty is everywhere. When I feel like a tiger scratched through my heart.

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Lightening bursts through my heart. O sun is shining through my heart. Samantha Rosales, age 9. Most people want to be like Kelly Clarkson or Britney Spears, but not me. I just want to be myself and try my best at the challenges that I may meet later on in life.

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Real Beauty Is… My dog is special to me. I like to walk him, and he likes it too. He walks like a person when he walks on four legs. Popular, sort of real pretty not really boys like Married wife looking casual sex Broomfield Yeah favorite color? Yeah Do I get dirty? Melissa Bannon, age Beauty is the color of the sunset after a storm. It tastes like water after a hard workout.

Smells like honeysuckle and jasmine. Sounds like the voices of loved Tron on Butler New Jersey female adult girlss. Beauty is like dew on roses—they represent love.

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I see beauty every day. It feels like the wind in my hair. It lives in your heart. I feel beautiful when someone tells me they love me. Beauty is life, love, and courage.

As my sister I think you are the most intelligent and beautiful person I know. God made you in his image, and what is more beautiful than that? Fat is what gives us shape and a glow.