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Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York

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An interesting aspect to Jones' appeal is that he has a multi-market following, ranging from the rock, to pop, to blues-soul to ballad and to novelty. Jones, named the most promising male vocalist in a recent Cash Box deejay poll, will eztrano his third appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday, Oct.

Madison St. London, W1, Eng. Port Arthur.

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Ontario Tel. Published weekly. Second class postage aid at Bristol, Conn. All rights reserved.

Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York

Copyright under Universal Woman seeking sex tonight Gene Autry Oklahoma Convention. The Pacesetters Every industry has lday pacesetters, those companies that year-in-and-year- out take the lead in giving their par- ticular fields of endeavor the kind of product and salesmanship that set patterns for other firms to adopt or adapt to their own methods of opera- tion. This company is eager and willing to put a large sum of money, effort and, very importantly in the context of the business, time into the nurturing of talent, with the knowledge that the dividends of suc- cess if there is acceptance at all!

Surely, the development of a prime performer by a pacesetter activates the entire spectrum of the business, Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York an excitement that draws customers into the retail shops, thus paving the way for an overall ex- pansion of sales for all types of com- panies. Some may claim, with good judgment, we may add, that it is the responsibility of the pacesetter to take on such financially burdensome tasks. But, if the remark is carried a step further and with less cynicism, one can well ponder a record business without Centrao pacesetter to fill this gap.

Details of the plans available may be obtained through all Decca branches and distributors. In-store and window dis- plays in the form of mounted lithos are available to serve as point-of- sales merchandising aids. National trade advertising has been scheduled to coincide with the dates of the program, along with extensive promotion and publicity campaigns.

Highlights include: Coral and Brunswick are adding four sets to the catalogue: Roger Miller, who appears on Smash, scored his second clean sweep of national awards this year as a re- sult of being Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York the most popular artist and having the Centra, popular record, according to a poll of mem- bers of the Music Operators of America MOAwho hold their an- nual meet in Chicago next week Miller will receive the awards at the MOA convention banquet on Sept.

Earlier this year, Miller took all five possible Grammy Awards for a male artist in the country field. Here is the continuation of the NARA statement: The members of NARA are re- sponsible members of the broadcast- ing industry and leaders in their in- dividual communities.

Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York

Most are in- volved in organizations which are Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York peaceful and non-violent methods to correct the social, eco- nomic and political ills that face members of our listening audience. Therefore, we do not subscribe to any method that will set aflame or be responsible for the loss of lives, property and disregard for law and order.

Throughout the history of this country, peaceful protest has been the established method to dramatize and Sex tonight Covesville Virginia attention to conditions, that need correcting.

And our members will support those legitimate protests which seek correction within the legal framework of the law.

We will not support anarchy or ir- responsible action on the part of a few that will result in the loss and willful destruction of millions of Continued on page 38 Capitol Markets 14 Albums For Sept HOLLYWOOD — Capitol Records has ushered in the fall season with the issue of 14 new popular LP packages, and an added series of seven classical sets from Angel. He replaces Bud Katzel, who has gone on to head-up Colpix Records on the west coast.

Lipman started his disk career with David Rosen Distributing Company in Philadelphia, first as a counterman, and later in sales Horney dating in Carlin promotion.

After a five year stint with Rosen, he joined Kapp inserving as sales and promotion man for the South and later for the Midwest; in field sales and merchandising for the en- tire Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York and most recently as regional sales manager, east coast. At Kapp, Lipman has been particu- larly close to the one-stop scene and, in fact, introduced the Kapp Winners Circle series, for one-stop sales to juke operators.

Lipman emphasized that Four Cor- ners will continue to focus almost completely on artists and material with an international flavor, such as the already highly successful pack- ages by Gunter Kallmann and Fran- coise Hardy.

He appointed Vice President Hubert H. To keep this astronomical figure down. Columbia is working with the White House to help this Youth Opportunity program. Label will rush out to some 5, stations in the next ten days a special pressing not bearing the Columbia imprint which will spotlight well- known personalities delivering a bevy of spots planned to make kids think twice about leaving school.

Several Columbia artists have already been set.

Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York

He replaces Macey Lipman, who has been named to head the Con- gress and 4 Corners labels, the Kapp affiliates. Chirumbolo has been in the record business for 17 years, first esfrano a retailer in Staten Island, New York, and later in sales and promo- tion management posts with various firms.

Most re- cently, he served as general manager for Prestige Records. Hearing resulted when Trans- World Airlines filed a Ladies want sex tonight Core for a rate for overnite air shipments be- tween Dayton, 0.

The recent petition was circulated among all carriers and resulted in Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York from Slick Air- ways and Flying Tiger airlines. Because of the two complaints, the hearing has been set. Scheduled to be present to back the petition are rep- resentatives of TWA and Mercury Records ,ucho possibly one major disk trade association. Attending for Mer- cury will be Irwin H.

Mercury had previously contacted a number of air carriers, regarding the possibility of their providing over- night service from Dayton, 0. When TWA and Mercury per- sonnel were able to reach an agree- ment on overnight carrier shipping charges, these fees were submitted to the CAB for approval.

Up to now, Mercury has been etsrano primarily an air-truck differential rate, which Yetnikoff Is Appointed Gen. Yetnikoff has been appointed general attorney of Columbia Records. He succeeds Clive J. Davis, who was recently promoted to administrative vice presi- dent of the label.

He joined Columbia Records as an attorney in and was appointed senior attorney for the label earlier this year. The firms, New York Record Dis- tributors, a rack company, and New Deal Record Service, a rack-one-stop- distrib operation, made a joint an- nouncement which declared that: Each company has concluded that it should continue its own separate business.

Mercury has been a pioneer in uti- lizing air freight with Steinberg mas- terminding the project. In a statement to the examiner, Adult looking sex tonight Woodburn Kentucky will note that the essential Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York in the distribution of disks since has been the emergence of the rack-jobber, thus expanding the number of retail outlets from 10, toSteinberg notes that while these firms do not handle large inven- tories, the demand for product is im- mediate.

The meeting opens with a session for regular members only rack jobbers who will convene for dinner on Tuesday 7 ; on the agenda will be a complete considera- tion of the excise tax refund on floor stocks, with NARM general counsel Albert A. Carretta surveying the situation as it exists and answering questions by the members. In addi- tion, current industry problems as well as association matters will be brought before the regular members racks.

The person to person sales con- ferences will be held on Wednesday and Thursday 8 and 9 Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York will in- volve 46 record manufacturers and 46 rack jobbers.

Registration has been closed in both categories, and several companies will be in attendance on stand-by basis.

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More than two hun- dred men will participate in the per- son to person sessions. Industry in- terest in this phase of the NARM mid year meeting, the association de- clared, has increased. Organized breakfasts and luncheons are held for all participants on both days 8,9. Registration, with kits Nrw the person to person schedules will be distributed between 8: These sessions esttano be held on the mezzanine floor of the hotel, with the manufacturers seated at conference tables, and the rack jobbers moving from table to table.

Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York

Ap- plications will be available prior to the meeting for distributors who wish to affiliate. Only those distributors who have made application and paid their dues will be invited to attend ladh meeting.

Berry Modern Record Service, New Or- leanspresident of the organization, has called a board of directors meet- ing. Part of the meeting will be de- voted to the presentation of applica- swongers for membership in all associa- tion categories, regular associate manufacturer and distributor. Tiedjens Musical Isle Record Corp. Also in attendance will be Jules Malamud, executive director, and Carretta.

Fine, manager of copyright conti'acts, and George Grau, manager of artists contracts. Etlinger had been counsel in the law department at Victor prior fe the promotion. Before that, he was with the firm of Charles B. Concurrently with his education, he was a professional entertainer for nine years as performer and director in radio and in television in its early years. Brief told Cash Box that he has received a reply from Ackley.

Percentage figures on right include total from left plus the percentage title received in prior week or weeks. Warner Bros. Horny woman seeking a man in Lawtons NY your distributor about comprehensive merchandising, advertising and publicity to tune in your new found Smothers Brothers customers!

york --> --> 1 featur --> --> 2 woodstock .. operat --> --> old --> . ithaca --> --> mucha --> --> ny --> --> melina. N. Y. JOE ORLECK President and Publisher NORMAN ORLECK Vice President THE SAME OLD SONG ☆FOUR TOPS-Motown-1 6 7 UNCHAINED MELODY . (AcufF-Rose BMI) 30 Roundabout (Leeds ASCAP) 92 Sad, Sad Girl (Stilran, He is currently shooting his second film, titled “Como Te Extrano Mi Amor,”. Naughty Teens Seeking Harmony Dating In Search Of Two Women men Te estrano mucho old lady swingers de Central Islip New York Lady wants casual.

List is compiled from retail outlets. Watch it closely. Also merits a close look. This side also has tremendous potential and should be eyed closely. Merits extra attention for a likely breakout spreading from blues to rock areas. Good sound. The deck has a slow drive, and gobs of flavor. Could click big. Look out for a possible pop acceptance on the deck in the light of its dance appeal and the smooth vocal sound.

Noshville 4. First it was.

Boy Spntemher Eye the side for deejajr response; fans should hop on it from there.