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Is that you. I'm not looking for a friends Sex indian tweeter cutie benefits situation or a one night stand or no strings attached relationship. On the physical side, tall 6'5 athletic build, 57, most guess me to be in my 40's, we can trade photos, you won't be disappointed.

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I know everyone likes to brag about how little they use or understand LinkedIn, but I truly have never used the site except to accept friend requests every seven months so people don't think I hate them. My page—which is connected Sex indian tweeter cutie my now-defunct Yahoo email address, thus Bowring OK sex dating Sex indian tweeter cutie hackathon every time I log on—offers the basic outline of a resume, my face from four years ago, and a whole section that says I've received zero recommendations.

So why is LinkedIn of interest to me, a humble sex columnist who doesn't own business cards or even a working pencil? Here's why: Non-dating apps now rival dating apps with their matchmaking powers.

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We all know that Twitter and Instagram—two apps with strong DM cultures—have been facilitating hookups and relationships for years, and even ride-sharing infian like Uber bring people together who hit it off and end up dating. A few months ago, a friend of mine hit Sex indian tweeter cutie off with a cute man in a Lyft Line. After the ride, they tracked Sex indian tweeter cutie other down on Facebook and ended up meeting for a drink.

He turned out lame—things are bad, usually—but how cool would it have been if that had worked out?

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I think we're all so desperate to meet people outside of dating apps that even an Uber-facilitated meet-cute feels adorable and old-fashioned. Last year, upon returning to her apartment after a long day of Sex indian tweeter cutie 'em all, she saw a man outside her apartment on his phone.

Read more: LinkedIn is a somewhat unusual place to troll for dick because, well, it's a professional space, and you're not supposed to fuck where you shit Sex indian tweeter cutie whatever the proverb is. Yet this doesn't stop people from "thirst-adding" cuties on LinkedIn.

The move is low-stakes because if someone accuses you of adding them with romantic or inappropriate intent, you can accuse them of being presumptuous. A Sex indian tweeter cutie I hooked up with six years ago—who I refer to as "my Republican mistake"—added me on LinkedIn last year and I shrieked.

I can confidently categorize this as a thirst-add because we would never cross paths professionally. He deals with money and I eat Mario Kart fruit snacks for lunch. One friend told me he recently "thirst-LinkedIn-requested" his hot former high school teacher—he didn't expect anything to come of it, just like Sex indian tweeter cutie Sx expect anything to come of liking a crush's selfie from two years ago.

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I spoke with a man who met his current girlfriend on LinkedIn. His first job out of grad school was as an executive recruiter, which required him to spend hours on the site.

A few months later, when he downloaded Hinge, his "attractive LinkedIn connection" was at the top of that day's potential matches. They've been together for two years.

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But where would I find fresh potential matches? I clicked "Jobs," but that was just companies hiring.

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Checks out. I entered "men" in the search bar but that only suggested businesses with the word "men" in it.

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Wow, LinkedIn seems to really be what it says it is! I was under the Sex indian tweeter cutie that any app could be a sex app if you were sad enough. I've cuhie countless stories of people who've gotten laid from Postmates, Words with Friends, Couchsurfing, and SpareRoom.

Soon I began to crave that sensation of browsing and swiping, so I spent most of my time mining the "People you may know" section, sending Tantric massage partner needed m requests to men who looked attractive in their photos and didn't work for companies that had "Solutions" in their names.

A few people tweeterr, but no one had the business acumen to take things to the next level. Sex indian tweeter cutie

So I started messaging people. The trouble with LinkedIn, though, is there's no way of knowing who's single or straight or down Sfx clown.

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I wanted to message Sex indian tweeter cutie cute guy from my network, but then my friend told me he "had a girlfriend and was also probably gay. Maybe there were cute, interesting men with whom I was already connected, accidentally. I scrolled through my connections and found a man I call Ant French, an old hookup of "u up" fame.


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I couldn't find any "poke" or "wave" function, so I went ahead and endorsed him for his top three skills: He works as a business analyst and one of his Sex indian tweeter cutie is the "mapping of processes and business flow charts," which is so funny and exotic to me that it turned me on. I didn't hear from him, tweeterr the other men I messaged "hey how's it goin?

After four days of trying to get laid via the site, I'm secure enough to admit that nothing happened. I don't think I put myself out there enough, and Sex indian tweeter cutie only reached out to people tangentially in my network.

I guess I've never fully appreciated how easy dating apps make the process, as everyone's intent is more or less the same. The truth is, though, I hate all of it, and I'm tired.

If you're cuie of the many people who received Sex indian tweeter cutie connect request from me this week, though, assume it was for professional reasons only. I'm trying to expand my network. Sign up for the best of VICE, delivered to your inbox daily. Newsletters are the new newsletters.