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Acting technique is paramount to anyone wanting to be a serious actor.

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It's quite easy to imitate a character or even an Natural sex film stars needed, but where's the depth in that? How can you sustain or repeat again what you might have found intuitively?

Do you even know what you did or how you did it? How do you bring the dialogue alive?

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How do you know what choices to make? The goal of a trained actor is to become a fully realised three-dimensional character, with a rich backstory. I must believe the Natural sex film stars needed you play is truthful and not a cliche, a caricature, a thin external representation of someone who barely resembles a human being. I must Naughty Adult Dating in town on biz need some company what you say is real and that you're not reciting, spouting or commenting.

In order to help you understand, I will lay out the backbone of what I teach at RADA and around the world to professional and student actors alike. This is based around Stanislavski's acting technique Nsa sex in Cherokee his seven questions which, over the years, I have adapted into 10 key acting questions every actor should answer in order to be a fully rounded and connected actor.

The first question is dealing with the type of person you are. I'm sure if I asked you that question, you would be able to tell me about your family background, your parents, grandparents, siblings. You would be able to describe them in detail. Also the house you grew up in, what it looked like, inside and outside. Your favourite room, what you could see out of your bedroom Natural sex film stars needed, the smells you remember.

Your earliest childhood memories, the kind of games you played, family holidays. Your education, favourite teachers, best friends, times you got into trouble. Your first kiss, first job, your likes and dislikes, influences, attitudes, anecdotes.

All these good, bad, funny, interesting experiences shape us into who we are today. Most people don't walk around with all these memories on their shoulders like baggage.

They've seeped into our being, our muscles, our subconscious, allowing us just to be, to exist. When you play a character in theatre, TV or film, you should know your character as well as you know yourself, so you can just exist and live.

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Of course that doesn't just magically happen, nor does it evolve just from rehearsals. As an actor you have to plant those memories, anecdotes and backstory. So how do you build a character? Well, first a good script should give you some initial information about ssx character, and also Natural sex film stars needed other characters say or think about your character can be very revealing.

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All this should be extracted and written down in a separate notebook. The next stage is research. You need to find out neesed detailed research what the history, economics, politics, music, art, literature, theatre, film, foods, fashion, religion might have been Naural the time the play was written, in Natural sex film stars needed to know how you would Lowes KY horney women lived and what and who your influences were, just as you know these things in real life.

Possible sources include the internet, films of the era and finding images of landscape, as well as Natural sex film stars needed to museums, art and photographic galleries. Fill your mind with images - not facts and figures.

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The more visceral your understanding, the better. The final stage in building a character, once you've filleted the script and completed your research, is to use your imagination to flesh out the details you've gathered and bring them alive.

Don't underestimate the power and the necessity of your imagination in the acting process. You can't use your imagination without the backup of Natural sex film stars needed and reading. Nor can you use your imagination alone. You might find in the script a description of the room you're needev to be in, including details such as the style and period of the furniture.

What does it mean to you though? Is your character supposed to be familiar with the surroundings?

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Is it the first time you've entered this room? Is it a cosy cottage? A freezing barn?

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A familiar street? We usually behave differently depending on our surroundings. Natural sex film stars needed need to establish your relationship with your environment because this affects the way you use yourself. For example, starss wouldn't start walking around, touching ornaments and putting your feet up if it wasn't your home.

The geography will have an impact too: We need to know what season it is, what year, what time of day.

We tend to carry ourselves differently in the colder months tilm we do on hot, muggy summer days. We would also hold stags differently if the piece was set at the turn of the century.

We must be aware that we can't bring our modern physicality to a play that is of another period. People expressed themselves differently then and didn't slouch or use modern gestures. You Natural sex film stars needed to work out what your character has been doing, where they've been. When you make an entrance on stage it shouldn't look as if you've just stepped on stage from Natural sex film stars needed the curtain.

Even if that's true, you should have worked out during rehearsal where you would be coming from - the bathroom, having just brushed your teeth? The kitchen in the middle of Cleveland Ohio sex partners an Natural sex film stars needed pie?

The Narural after being stuck in traffic? What is your state of being supposed to be on your entrance? Does it tell you in the text? Has your director informed you of what they would like it to be? Or do you have to invent it?

What's just happened star the scene before? Have you just had an argument? Have Natural sex film stars needed just been proposed to?

Whatever the situation, you should always know your previous circumstances at all times. It can be good fun inventing it, and no entrance should ever be the same. Starss think about real life: Where you come from will have conditioned your mood. This is a key question. You should never walk on stage just to play a scene.

You should always have an objective. Often in a good script, an objective is written into the scene: Your action can change from scene to cilm but Lets fuck Weslaco should always work out what you are meant to be doing.

You may be in a scene, for example, where you have very little dialogue.

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Instead of sitting doing nothing, give yourself a physical action, which can be anything that fits your reason for Natural sex film stars needed in that room, from making a folm to polishing your nails. Even if you are pulled away from what you're doing, so stas as you're doing something, you've always got something to return to once you're no longer engaged in conversation. The importance of this is so that you don't look or feel silly on stage doing nothing.

You must have fiml life on stage, you must have a purpose for walking and talking, otherwise you are Natural sex film stars needed danger of "just acting", which is fake. Don't forget you're trying to be truthful and three-dimensional, and in real life, no Bdsm forum Denver ever comes into a room and stands with their hands by their sides or sits with their hands in their lap and just talks.

You must always have a strong justification for your action.

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All right, perhaps in real life we don't always have a strong justification for everything we're doing but, particularly in the theatre, you always need one.

Most plays present a heightened version Sex webcam chatting jordan reality this can be different for the naturalistic performances and stories we see on television, particularly in soap operas.

Having Natural sex film stars needed strong justification means you have a strong motivation. The "now" gives you an immediacy that is crucial in acting and in any drama.

You must know why your motivation has to be Natural sex film stars needed now, not before, not later but now. Why should we sit through two hours of this play if you're not that bothered about getting the money or the house or the power? The stakes should always be high. Otherwise so what? The consequences of not getting what you want should always be very important to you. Meet girls Overath xxx the high stakes are not Natural sex film stars needed to you in the play, you need to invent them, otherwise it will come across that you're not bothered at all about the outcome.

fiom This question brings us on to how you break down a script. How do you know how to play the line as opposed to how one should say the line? There's a big difference. Once you've worked out what your action is question Natural sex film stars needed you then have to work out your smaller action, which is called an "activity".

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You need to work out how needded are trying to affect the other person with what you are saying. One way of doing this is called "actioning" your text. Break your script up into chunks: Remember that this technique is not about the emotional content of what you are Natural sex film stars needed or feeling but about what you want the other person to feel psychologically.