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In Sqan, her sketch, View at Swan River. Marchat leisure transformed into a lithograph by her own hand, was reproduced continuously for an English periodical audience.

Reportedly, it was reason enough for readers to avoid Fremantle as a migrant destination for decades after. Friend was not attempting to convey precise information about the still largely unknown antipodes but confirming prevailing assumptions about the peculiarities of life in this strange, primitive land.

This was the sort of image that gave gumtrees a bad name. In a passageway leading to an inauspicious set of classrooms at the University of Notre Dame, hangs a framed copy of this engraving by Mary Ann Friend; beneath it the aforementioned work by Jane Currie.

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Countless scholars pass it daily, but whether they look up and wonder at the desolate narrative of sand dunes and makeshift tents, is debatable. From this viewpoint, one can appreciate still the barrenness of the outlook captured firend Friend.

So many winters in this town I have done battle with this icy blast; as a child at the footy huddled under a threadbare towel slurping dripping sauce off a disintegrating pie, as a teen Looking friend in Swan River to hold down the flying pleats of my uniform while balancing an armful of books in the ridiculously shelter-free quad at John Curtin, as a mother trying to plough High Street from east to west with a pram-full of wailing children, nipped by the squall. It is fgiend Looking friend in Swan River speculate as to why this sketch had such a negative effect on would-be migrants to Fremantle.

Was it the suggestion of pioneer struggle?

Was it instead the vastness of the sea in the background, measuring the distance from mother England? Rather than a pathway to a promised land, perhaps the blue ribbon Looking friend in Swan River up Loooking the encampment offered a means of escape; or of avoidance for those looking at this image of the new colony from civilised shores beyond the horizon.

Friend made this sketch in March, The view is from the land across the shoreline and out to sea, when the Swan River Colony was a mere eight months past settlement.

Had the viewer been in situ watching this domestic scene and then turned, behind them would have been hillocks furred in spinifex and low salt-resistant shrubs. Conceivably the only Rjver for Lopking was the Round House high on the hill. Presumably the reason the Friends were encamped on the beach was because had they left the sand, they would have been in inhospitable Looking friend in Swan River dunes similar to Women want nsa Niota Tennessee around South Beach and Coogee.

Not a very inspiring home and yet, the colony did grow up and some did settle here.

Kerr, Joan https: Tse Yin Chang 0 Shares. Ainslie Robinson Ainslie Robinson is the Fremantle-born-and-bred daughter of post-war British migrants.

Raised on the grounds of the former Fremantle Technical College, and never seeming to escape the bounds of educational institutions, she punctuates her days with academia and writing; practicalities and poetry; real life and art.