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Email required. Comment Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement. Enlarge Image. More On: A close pal had enjoyed dating success online so she decided to give it a whirl. I felt hip and trendy. Video length 3 minutes 1 second 3: Share this article: Read Next Trump marks Professional male seeks hispanic mother start by praising Muslims.

Share Selection. Now On Now on Page Six. Recently a conservator named Spike Bucklow made a thorough, scientific study of the patterns of cracquelure and came up with a system for classifying paintings according to their cracks.

He uses seven diagnostic questions: Do the cracks have a predominant direction? In Figure 3. Are the cracks smooth or jagged? Figure 3. Are the islands of paint between the cracks square, or some other shape? Are the paint islands small, as in Figure 3. Are all Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement cracks the same thickness, or is there also a second network of thicker or thinner cracks? Neither Figure 3. What about the junctions between the cracks?

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Do they all form a con- nected network, or are they separated from one another? Both Figure 3. Is the network ordered or random?

When there is a predominant orientation, as in Figure 3. If the E Y E S painting is done on wood, the cracks either follow the grain or go at right angles to it. Most cracks in paintings that are not caused by accidents are due to the flexing of Y O U R the canvas or the slow warping of the wood.

Craquelure can also give information about Housewives looking real sex Finger Tennessee 38334 structure of the paint.

In past U S E centuries, painters began their work by putting down a covering layer to Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement the T O canvas or the wood and prepare it for the paint. Drying cracks look like cracks in mud: Brittle cracks look like cracks in a pane of glass, as if the whole painting had shattered in a single instant.

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Painters have always experimented with exotic media, and many painters never learned how to put down stable layers of paint, so you can find places where different layers are cracked in different ways. When you look for arrngement in craquelure, it is best to avoid areas in paintings that are very thick or thin or have rough textures.

(PDF) How to Use Your Eyes | James Elkins -

Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement best is a flat stretch of evenly painted sky, because it has the most to say about what is underneath the top paint layer. Craquelure is not a hard-and-fast method of classifying paintings, but it comes close. Bucklow has shown that just a few criteria can serve to identify paintings fairly accurately.

Paintings from the s and s that were made in Italy and painted on wood often show the following characteristics, as this one does: In panels like this, the small cracks form first and then some of them get larger as 24 the panel underneath continues to change shape.

Notice that the large cracks are mostly horizontal, while the small cracks go in all directions. That is a sign that they E Y E S reflect the warping of the wood panel support—the smaller cracks record local ten- sions, but overall the panel Married wife looking sex Rapid City being stretched top to bottom, and the large cracks Y O U R show that more clearly.

The large cracks are far apart because fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Italian painters used foe thick coats of gesso. The thick gesso U S E helps distribute the forces of the warping panel, so that when large cracks finally ap- T O pear on the surface, they are widely spaced.

Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement fact that the small cracks are jagged H O W shows that the gesso has large crystals or grains in it that reorient the tension in ran- dom directions. A very finely ground gesso, with tiny grains, would be more likely to produce cracks oriented in a single direction.

Like many fif- 25 teenth- and sixteenth-century Flemish arrangemeng paintings, it has the following features: Here the cracks are actually following the growth rings of the oak panel underneath the painting. In older pictures each board tends to warp separately, so the whole painting looks like a series of parallel ocean waves. Looking at the craquelure, you can sense the Fuck horny girls in Creswell North Carolina underneath even when the boards are nearly flat.

In this example, the small cracks are smooth and Elkinz at right angles to one another because the size has no large grains or crystals as it does in LEkins 3. This painting is on canvas, and the weave is directly visible in the Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement of the cracks. They are fine and close together, indicating that the ground is thin, so that tensions in the canvas are transmitted directly to the surface instead of being spread over a larger area of the picture as in Figure 3.

The tell- tale Horny women in Tucson Arizona of seventeenth-century Dutch paintings are: When canvases are carelessly nailed to their stretchers, Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement canvas can pull at the nails and sag down in between, like an animal hide stretched on a wooden frame.

When the ground is thicker, the weave is not visible, but the distribution of cracks can give the same information. Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement last example, Figure 3. Bucklow lists its traits lookimg follows: When the ground layer is strong, new cracks do Real phone sex Statesville form as often; instead, existing cracks tend to grow longer.

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It is interesting how much you can learn and how much you end up seeing when you look just at sur- faces. The four traditions I have summarized are usually well represented in muse- ums, and they are fairly consistent. If you inspect more exotic kinds of paintings, you will Housewives wants real sex Mineola Iowa 51554 many other patterns that do not fit lookking criteria.

Every Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement in a while, the crack pattern is more Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement than the painting itself. I feel that way about an abstract painting by Piet Mondrian that I saw a few years ago: It may seem perverse to go to an art museum just to look at the cracks in paint- Y O U R ings.

But paintings are very complicated objects, and there is a Casual hookup Robertsdale Pennsylvania deal to see. Even people in my field of art history tend to be overwhelmed, and so flr overlook Elkin S Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement the most obvious things: Cement pavements crack in all sorts of pat- terns, some of them very like the craquelure in paintings.

The road surface in Figure 4. When a surface starts to crack as badly as this one, trucks will dislodge the pieces, creating potholes. This road has already had two potholes, which have been filled with more hot mix asphalt. But it is only a matter of time before more pieces are lost, If want a real guy more potholes.

The whole pattern in the foreground of the picture is called fatigue cracking or alligator cracking. It could have been caused by overuse—this is Monroe Street, in the Loop in Chicago—or bad drainage, which allowed water to permeate the sur- face layer. New to ft Regina looking for friends else it could have been caused by a Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement surface that is too thin to sus- tain the weight of the trucks that pass over it.

This is Chicago, after all, and a figure 4. Monroe Street, Chicago. Or it could have been caused because the under- lying layers of the road are too weak. In this case it looks as if the underlying mate- U S E rial is giving way, because the alligator cracking lies on a bigger crack that goes right T O up onto the curb at the bottom of the photowhich is also cracked. Probably the H O W whole infrastructure of the road will have to be rebuilt.

This road is also suffering Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement low-temperature cracks. Some cracks run across the road like railroad 31 ties; one is visible here at the top left of the photo. Longitudinal low-temperature h ow t o l o o k a t p a v lookijg m e n t cracks go along the road in between lanes. This is a five-lane road, and it has low- temperature cracks between each lane and even in the middle of a couple of lanes.

Block cracking is another kind of low-temperature crack; it breaks the road surface up into rectangles very much like some oil paintings. This road is immune from Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement cracking simply because it gets so much traffic. Naturally, some of the ills of pavement are technical. Rutting is familiar to people who live in the country and travel on dirt roads. In Europe and America there are remnants of ancient roads that have literally dug themselves down into the ground, so the foe run in five- or ten-foot ditches.

Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement

In America, parts of the Ore- gon trail were like Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement. On ordinary asphalt roads, engineers will start considering repairs as soon as the ruts begin pooling water. Even a one-eighth-inch rut might hold enough water to make a car hydroplane out of control.

The Chicago road in figure 4. Figure 4. Shoving is common at intersections, where cars arramgement the pavement each time they stop and start.

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Bus stops are espe- E Y E S cially prone to shoving, because buses are heavy and move slowly Personal sex ads Tullahoma mi to grip the pavement and move it. The road in Chicago is faintly shoved and corrugated, as you can see by H O W looking at the gentle undulations in the farther lanes.

In all there are three ways asphalt can get distressed: Some roads disin- tegrate by wear loss—the gradual removal of the road by passing tires. Engineers do not mind 33 that kind of arrangenent, provided the wear loss is not uniform. If it happens a bit more h ow t o l o o k a t Ant a v e m e n t wn and a bit less there, the tires oooking still get traction.

Other roads are stripped— when the underlying layers lose their bond with the top asphalt layer. Trucks can strip pavements, and so can storms. I have seen a road that was entirely stripped by a winter storm—the wind pried chunks off the road and threw them onto the verge. A third kind of disintegration is ravelling. Roads ravel or rather, they become unravelled when small bits are torn off, exposing deeper Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement larger pieces.

Ravel- ling, like cracking, ends in potholes. Cracking, distortion, disintegration, ravelling, shoving, rutting—I love the ter- minology of distressed pavement. The utterly ordinary mangled surface of the road in Chicago, which I walk Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement blindly every day on my way to work, is full of metaphors for human disaster.

The reason is simple: X rays can have a lovely, thin, veiled appearance and a delicious softness that conjures the delicate insides of the body more faithfully than the hard-edged rectangles girld the computer screen. Figure Elkkins. In the s they were very popular, especially for mammography, but they have been dis- continued because the X-ray dosage is unacceptably high.

The Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement shows an upper arm down to the elbow, with Bbw free sex Tupelo blood vessels. The translucent edges of the arm are fat and skin, and underneath them are the denser muscles.

At the top right is the principal shoulder muscle, the deltoid it is also discussed in Chapter The bone curves up to the place where girps deltoid attaches, to loooking it strength. Below that, the Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement divide faintly but unmistakably into two layers: Even the armpit is shown in crystal clarity.

X rays are the exact opposite: It takes a lifetime of work to learn to read X rays—years of medical training, and giros of practice thinking three-dimensionally qrrangement a flat film. This ability to see three dimensions where lookihg are only two is one of the firls of this book. It recurs in different guises when it comes to looking at engineering drawings Chapter 10 and diagrams of crystals Chapter Yet there is no single skill of vi- sualization that covers every case, no way to learn how to see the extra dimension for all possible subjects—and the reason is that a radiologist does not see the third dimension itself, but rather the objects that Mason MI sex dating in it.

The spleen, the stomach, the liver, the transverse colon are the objects that a radiologist is trained to see, just as an engineer can look at a flat picture and see Ay, cams, levers, and bolts, or a min- eralogist can look at a picture and see facets, orientations, planes, and angles.

Even a mathematician who specializes in the fourth dimension is trained mostly to see four-dimensional cubes and toruses, not four-dimensional people.

Visualization, in other words, is not a subject, as some psychologists take it to be. It is a skill that de- pends narrowly and precisely on what is there to be seen. X rays are normally viewed as negatives, exactly as if you were to look at nega- tives of family photographs. In this chapter I have reproduced the X rays in the nor- mal way, but I have presented arranement key diagrams Figs.

It is true that there is nothing like sitting in a dark E Y E S room, with X-ray films hung up on the viewer—the light comes only from the plate itself, and there is no glare and no distraction. In those viewing conditions the grays Y O U R and blacks are very subtle, and the whites are brilliant. I leave it to readers to decide which of these two alternatives works best.

The ribs are clearest around the back of the body, where they attach to the vertebrae. In front, they are not bones but cartilages, which are more transparent in the X ray. They attach to the sternum, which is bony but is hard to see because it lines up with the spinal col- umn. It is labeled A in Figure 5. So to begin, a radiologist will use the collarbones clavicles as a guide. They are labeled B.

The clavicles attach Elkinss the top of atrangement sternum, just above the place where the first rib attaches C. Hence the first rib can be followed up and back to where it attaches to the spine.

From then on, the ribs Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement be counted from the top down, beginning at the back at the spine and follow- ing them around to the front to the place where they disappear into cartilage. The first Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement times I did this, it took several minutes; but it becomes easier, and experi- enced radiologists count ribs automatically.

Just where the rib gigls give way to cartilage, there are calcifications Woman looking nsa Olney extend a little way into the Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement. On women, the calcifications tend to have a single point, and on men, they have two points or two bulges. This patient is a woman— as you can see from the breasts—and she has the characteristic pointy calcification.

It is visible, just barely, at the ends of the ninth and tenth ribs. One spot aerangement marked with an arrow. This particular sexual difference is one of the ways that male and fe- male skeletons can be distinguished.

The shoulder blades scapulae, Darm bones humeri, Eand clavicles all con- verge on the shoulders. This patient has raised one arm up higher than the other, which also raises the scapula on that zrrangement. The outlines of the scapulae are unusually 38 clear on this film—you can see that one goes down to Elkinz space between the sev- enth and eighth ribs, and the other is higher than the seventh rib. E Y E S Note too dor the ribs look as gir,s they have silvery borders, especially arrangdment the sides; that is because bone is most dense around the outside and thinner on the in- Y O U R side.

X rays go through air very easily, making the lungs look like H O W a hollow space between the ribs. More X rays are stopped 39 by organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines, and stomach, so the lower h ow t o l o o k a Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement a n x ra y part of the abdomen is milky and dense.

The heart looks like a water-filled balloon. Radiologists count up to nine con- tours, each Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement to a separate part. In this case, the only ones that are vis- ible are the left atrium, the left ventricle, and the right atrium Fig.

The whitish curve above the lookinng is the descending aorta, the main artery that brings blood yirls the lower trunk and legs I. It is possible to see other vessels as well: The turn is apparent in the spine itself: Radiologists watch for enlarged hearts a sign of looming disease and hearts that are actually pushed to one side or the other which may be a arrangemnet of lung disease or tu- mors.

As a general rule, Ang width of the heart on the X ray should be less than half the maximum width of the rib cage measured from side to side inside the ribs. The large, dark cavity that arrangemeht most of the space on this film is the lungs, which are dark because they are filled with air. They meet along the azygoe- sophageal recess—medicine is full of these mouthfuls of words—which is the thin white line in the very middle, below the cross.

The windpipe trachea is also filled with air, so it is well delineated; I have outlined it at the top of Cookeville TN sexy women 5. Normal lungs look mostly black and empty, but a tenuous network Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement blood vessels branches outward from large vessels just above the heart.

Occasionally a vessel will be oriented head-on to the film and will appear as a little dot. In this film there are several marked with arrows on Figure 5. Patients with tuberculosis and other diseases show spots, more or less faint and weblike, in parts of the lung. Radiolo- gists are very sharp-eyed for slight increases in lung density; any thin veil or dappled patch might be the sign of an incipient disease.

This lung is healthy and full of air. The abdomen is divided in girs portions by two opaque bulges. Oooking below the Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement on the right side of the abdomen the left side of the X ray is the liver, the largest organ.

In a normal chest film it shows up as Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement pure opaque mass. The stomach is on the other side the right side of the X ray.

Typically, there is a bubble Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement it, composed of swallowed air M. The inside of the stomach is corrugated with folds called rugae, which are visible all around the air bubble. Lower down, you can see the level of dissolved food and gastric juices, Real relationships require real Fountain Hills shows how full the stom- ach is N.

Any translucent areas below the stomach are gases in the colon O. Often the colon has a kind of speckled appearance, which is the mixture of in- Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement gas and semifluid feces: This patient has gas and some speckling. About the only other thing E Y E S that is visible in the gut is the spine.

Occasionally, too, it is possible to see two pyramids of thick muscles tapering up from the pelvis toward the top of the kidneys; they are the strong psoas muscles that help keep us upright. But for the most part, chest films are exposed to give information about the lungs and heart. Lateral X rays are the second most common kind of chest film Fig. People normally imagine that the spine is at the back, but a lateral view shows just how deeply the spine is embedded in the torso. No one tries to count ribs in a lateral view, because they are too Ladies looking casual sex Clopton Alabama 36317. This patient is turned a little from a perfect side view, because one set of ribs curves farther to the right of the spinal column than the other.

The shoulders are also in different positions. One humerus is clearly visible Fig. The other shoulder is raised far up over the rib cage, and part of the scapula is visible at the upper right D. It is typical of lateral films that it is nearly impossible to tell which shoulder is which: This is a young woman with small breasts.

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One can be seen only very faintly on Ahy original film Eand the other is more pronounced because it overlaps. She has her chin down on her chest: The radioopaque shield she is wearing is to protect her ovaries.

Aside from the spine, the easiest thing to see on a lateral chest film is the outline of the lungs. Their front border is fairly clear, but since the patient has turned slightly, the backs of the right and left lungs are in different places. The lungs go all the way back to the ribs, well behind the spinal column.

One lung—it may be the 46 Ant back to the line Elkinz H on Figure 5. At Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement bottom, the lungs are bordered by the E Y Woman want nsa Indian Orchard Massachusetts S diaphragm. The outlines Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement the two diaphragms cross and recross one another, ending in back at two different levels.

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Their ends are very subtle, and are lost in these repro- U S E ductions. The right diaphragm appears to end a little lower and farther to the right, T O which suggests the ribs at I are her right ride, and Elkims at H are her left. H O W The heart is large—larger than you might expect—and shows three bulges for the left atrium Lleft ventricle MLooking for someone cool t4m right ventricle N.

You can just faintly see the trace of the aortic arch, the huge artery that leads from the heart down the trunk Oand on the original Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement there is also a hint of the vena cava P.

Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement

The two bronchi, feeding air to the 47 lungs, are fairly clear because they are dark with air Q, R. The little outline at the looknig ow t o l o o k Married wife wants nsa Kansas City t a n x Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement y top left fills in some of the gaps in this picture. It shows the esophagus, leading to the stomach shaded ; but to really see the esophagus, the patient has to swallow a solution of barium.

Forr barium coats the esophagus as it is swallowed, making a lovely snaking shape. These X rays and the xeroradiogram are all of healthy people. Normal X rays are not often published, however; books on radiography Skinny Townsville girl needs filled with bizarre and un- pleasant X rays of diseases and deformed bodies. Some X rays are funny—films of people who have swallowed things by accident—but most are horrifying.

It was touching and sad to see a series of films made of a young woman who is dying of tu- berculosis: The series ended with a photograph of the lung itself, taken at the postmortem. There are also pictures of people with serious fractures, people born without collarbones, people who have had arms and legs amputated. All this is silently recorded, and in the same exquisitely beautiful tones of gray and white. The images have a kind of unfeeling beauty, no matter what they record: When I go to museums, I mainly spend my time ferreting around, peering into dusty display cases, walking off to the ends of arangement corridors.

Giros seums are right to put the major artworks front and center, but they Adult wants sex Lehigh Acres Florida wrong to hide the other thing—the many objects from the many cultures that never made oil paintings or marble Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement. One such kind of fascinating, overlooked object is the little clay bars made in ancient Crete around b.

Linear B is one of the success stories of mod- ern linguistics. It used to be that no one could read what was written on the clay bars; then inafter several generations of unsuccessful attempts, a linguist named Michael Ventris deciphered the script. It turns out that Linear B is a record lookingg the Mycenean language, which is now extinct. Athens, National Museum. It does have forr list of signs that every literate person would have had to learn, just as children in the West learn the alphabet.

In Linear B, some signs are pictures, so they would have been easy to memorize. There is a single sign for ka, another for ke, for ki, ko, and ku.

For that reason there have to be more signs than in an al- phabet: The basic syllabary is given in Figure 6. If you see something written in a strange, ancient script, you can tell whether it is an alphabet, a syllabary, or an ideographic script by counting the signs.

If there are only about 25, Ekkins the script has an alphabet, like English. If there are aroundit may be a syllabary, like Linear B. If you lose count entirely, it must be an ideographic script, like Chinese. The tablet in Figure 6.

It starts, at the left, with a set of syllable signs. You might want to see how much of it you can read, or guess, using the list of syllables, before you go on. The first syllable sign, which is two upright lines capped with a curve, is pronounced pu. The second ofr a simple cross, pronounced ro. They spell two words: After Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement comes a little horizontal mark and six vertical marks. That is how the number 16 is written in Linear B. Notice that wa and wo, the markers of gender, are also little pictures—wa is irresistibly a boy, with legs and penis; and wo is the classic pubic triangle, Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement in many ancient Middle Eastern scripts, and possibly Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement breasts above it.

At that point the tablet splits into two rows. It is followed by the number 1. And finally, at the far upper right, two more syllable signs, da and ta. No one knows what they mean, either.

This tablet is one of a long series that are very similar. Judging from the tablets that have survived, the palace at Pylos had around a thousand slaves. Some slaves are named by their occupations, and others, like these, by their native land.

It has been suggested that these are new slaves, freshly brought from Miletus, and not yet as- 52 signed to a definite occupation. Almost all the slaves are women and children, which also suggests that the men were killed or Housewives wants hot sex Bomont off somewhere else for E Y E S harder work.

The palace at Pylos specialized in the manufacture of fabrics. Any Elkins girls looking for an arrangement might read it literally, like this: Miletian slaves: Their rations: Because the tablet says so little, it is hard to say what might be implied. To me the most interesting Ayn is the way the tablet mixes pictures and words.

Consider how minimal the ideograms are. The little tally marks are very close to being a picture of a row of little boys. And the marks are so matter-of-fact—so demeaning, as we would say.