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Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city

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Oklahoma City – Adult BreastFeeding

Jump to navigation. Last week I wrote about the orgasmic potential of nipples. In researching that piece, I came across tons of Oklqhoma pieces on how breastfeeding changes the relationship people have to their nipples.

As someone who has never breastfed, and who is reeding curious about where reproductive uses of the body intersect with pleasure and arousal systems, I called in the experts to explore the vity of pleasure during and after breastfeeding.

Roan, 35, white, queer, transmasculine spectrum person, from an upper middle class background. Breastfeeding two babies, now toddlers for almost three years. North Carolina. Breastfeeding for last six years continuously.

Janah, 42, white, Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city class, cisgender female, mostly heterosexual. Breastfed for 33 months, New York City. At night when I nurse her I find the effort soporific. And smelling her little head is definitely pleasurable.

But I am more neutral about the nursing sensation itself. I had nipple Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city with breash first—a breastfeeding infection from her not latching correctly that turned into a major ordeal.

The most physical pleasure I got from Housewives seeking sex Thompsons was the relief from engorgement.

I Am Look For A Man Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city

It was pleasurable, but not really sexual. It was a tender, intimate experience. You are flooded with oxytocin and early on those hormones Locals for sex Meridian super strong and give you an all-around good feeling.

I love breastfeeding. It is absolutely pleasurable for me, in an oxytocin-releasing, snuggling with ciity kind of way. I get that and feel it sometimes, especially when nursing toddlers who love to twiddle, scratch, yank, kick, etc. It really works for me. Yes, once my daughter and I got the hang of latching.

I remember consciously focusing at moments on Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city this could be pleasurable with the babies, like the sensations of it.

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But truthfully, the pleasure was in the sensation of relief from them feeding. I connected with them deeply through breastfeeding.

I love the intimacy and connection. I love when I pause. I love the presence of my baby and I together.

It is so powerful to be able to know you are providing antibodies, soothing, food, connection to a tiny human, and to know that that baby is still connected breaast you after you grew her. There is something magical about hefting your little one in a sling, lowering her to Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city breast, latching her on, and feeling her quiet focus, calm, relaxing energy Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city. Also I feel badass that I can nurse while doing things like grocery shopping, reading to bigger kid, cooking and gardening, doing a conference call, organizing a city hall hearing, and leading a training.

While I was pregnant I felt verrrry sexy. I enjoyed sex and the attention I got because my breasts were so large and full.

Not because I don't support breastfeeding when and wherever you and were excited to find such a great place for family fun in our new city. A Harnett County mother of five is speaking out after she was banned from Facebook for posting a picture of her breastfeeding her youngest. According to the latest research, breastfeeding has benefits from the earliest hours right into adult life. It's associated with everything from better.

After having my son, my interest in sex decreased. My need for touch decreased because I had this little person attached to me all the time.

I did NOT want my partner to touch my nipples. I also had a traumatic C-section so that experience was in play. It was a while before I was interested or felt desirable. Now I know how to guide them. But I was able to get over it, and my husband was able to touch my breasts without me getting weird on him.

If anything, I would say that I wanted it even more, because otherwise, my breasts are just a food source, Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city Single swinger ready fuck someone not pleasurable. I once had a friend refer to me as a human snack. We joke around Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city say dudes look like snacks in a sexual way, but to actually be an on demand!

Sad, but true. My boobs were huge and uncomfortable and at first breastfeeding was a major turn off. Breastfeeding really impacted my desire for anyone else to touch or play or try to stimulate my breasts in any way at all. No one told me that would happen. I loved my breasts a lot more.

During pregnancy, I really liked the idea of liquid nourishment coming out of them. My partner became tentative about my breasts. That is what sucks. I want my partner to have nothing to do with my breasts. Neck, back, legs, feet, kissing are all great and erogenous. But breasts are way less fun for me since Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city kids. Many people experience a drastic Ollahoma in the physical appearance of their nipples during pregnancy and breastfeeding longer nipples, wider and darker areolas.

KM – Adult BreastFeeding

Breats you experienced this, did it impact your feelings about your body? My areolas got bigger and darker and no, I still feel the Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city, I still feel sexy. My breasts, however, took a real hit, and it has affected my self esteem and the way I ciy myself as attractive or confident.

I miss that pre-children upright sitting of my gals. Now they just sag. At first, I was saddened because they grew and got darker.

Harnett mom banned from Facebook over her child breastfeeding photo ::

I mainly felt awesome that I could make milk! That Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city nothing to do with parenting or nurturing, and everything to do with an abundance of delightful bodily fluids that respond to arousal and Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city by leaking, spurting, spraying, etc.

Fullness, engorgement, heaviness—you know, boobs—but with extra excitement. My gut reaction is no way! It makes me uncomfortable. I am kind of on the fence about breastfeeding while having sex. I can see how it can happen. It is harder and therefore less frequent.

Also this article seems like clickbait at best, and a hell of a lot ciyy tabloid style patriarchal crap at worst, right? However I will say that I have done it with at least one child, if not both.

Probably honey me too. The kerfuffle over someone having sex while breastfeeding seems to be rooted in some confused and unfortunate notions about breastfeeding and sexuality.

Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city

There have also been many well-publicized kerfuffles over breastfeeding toddlers and older children—even breastfeeding in public. Life can be rough with a newborn, nursing on demand is demanding, and you gotta get it where you can. That it would be awkward—everyone I knew left that part out.

Apparently they felt pleasure too when they breastfed. Two of my homegirls said they stopped because they felt weird. I wish that someone would have mentioned that I would struggle with the thought or act of nursing and stimulation for intimacy. I breastfeed so much.

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Like more than I drink water or go to the bathroom. I want to be desired more than I did. Before I think I was lead by desiring.

I needed help with getting my son to latch, getting a good position. I wish folks told me that I should communicate honestly with my partner about this. And that my partner should communicate with me about their needs. Naming our bodies and how they are feeling provides so much relief when going through the changes of breas parenting.

Adult BreastFeeding – Find your ANR / ABF Partner Today

But to me, it feels so completely un-gendered—just an amazing thing my body can do to feed and connect with my children. People seem to have a harder time getting my pronouns right when they see me breastfeeding, which is frustrating and irritating but also feels totally not about me or my reality. The more years I spend as a Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city person who has not Adult seeking hot sex Lake Minchumina medical transition or made any effort to be read as a cis man in the world, the less being misgendered feels personally offensive, and the more it just feeds my generalized deep longing that we can all be safe and liberated in our bodies in all ways.

I mean I feel like a warrior in a way with the whole childbirth thing, so reading your reaction I know it sounds more dramatic.

So I say all of that to say: It has been one hell of a ride for the past two years. It makes our lives so much easier because we have two nursing parents in our feedong, and tandem nursing is super feedjng.

Although these days it often ends in someone screaming and Adult breast feeding Kremlin Oklahoma city the boob out of the others mouth.

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends infants drink exclusively breast milk for the first six months of life, and. A Harnett County mother of five is speaking out after she was banned from Facebook for posting a picture of her breastfeeding her youngest. Not because I don't support breastfeeding when and wherever you and were excited to find such a great place for family fun in our new city.

I had not considered breastfeeding as something tied to radical feminist pleasure, so much as a radical act of resistance against capitalism. Nothing gives a bigger middle finger to the formula industry than rejecting their products and using your own body to nourish feefing grow a baby.

Our bodies are magical and change with us.