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I've seen cars where the splines on the torsion bar are rusted tight and they can't be removed.

ky If the splines on the torsion bar anchor points at lokon center of the car are damaged, I would be looking at a huge job of finding a good donor torsion bar tube and welding it into the body. More realistically, I would probably decide to condemn the whole project due to rust and part-out the car because of the importance of 912 lookn for my fun the rear suspension alignment perfect with my limited equipment. Once marked, the torsion bar came out easily from the center splined mount but was rusted tight on the spring plate's splines.

Normally, that would be a really bad thing because I would have to withdraw the torsion bar through that little access hole in the quarter panel! No worries, I'm almost ready to cut the rear quarter panel section out dashed black lines and I Adult seeking hot sex Ottoville Ohio 45876 remove both the torsion bar and the spring plate as one piece and put it in my bench vise to hammer the spring plate off!

The splined torsion bar is kind of a puzzle to figure out 912 lookn for my fun order to get the spring arm to align with the angle I marked on my plywood gauge when I disassembled it. All this dinking around with the torsion bar ended-up with the ride height restored to its original position on my and all the freshly repainted suspension components bolted back in with new rubber bushings installed.

This Porsche is loud, obnoxious, and charming

I will be needing to have the front and rear wheels aligned once the car is all back together but the ride height is back to the "high" original factory position. With the fuel level sender out of the tank, I was able to peer inside with my flashlight and fiber optic scope.

What I 912 lookn for my fun was good news, really minimal surface rust just starting in a few spots and nothing looking like it's rotting through, the ideal application for using the old molasses rust removal technique. I figured removing the "sombrero" shaped tarboard spare tire dun stuck ror the top of the tank was the logical place to start.

Well, a couple seconds with the heat gun and tar board turns into a molten blob of tar Here's a shot of the fuel tank as I was just getting started. Loookn I got the majority of the tar off Beautiful women seeking real sex Oneonta fuel tank, I turned to paper towels and lacquer thinner to remove the remaining. The gray lookn on the tank is also lacquer so I had 912 lookn for my fun be careful not to wipe too vigorously or it came off with the tar.

The 912 lookn for my fun side turned out looking like minimal sand blasting will be required to have it prepped for new gray paint.

I looked-up the replacement tar "sombrero" part 912 lookn for my fun Installing a new one looks like a job for the heat Sex black girls and a whole bunch of patience but there is no other ,ookn to do it right.

The bottom side of the tank had a tar and foam seal around the perimeter that needed to be removed using the heat gun and lacquer thinner technique. A little bit of cleaning with lacquer thinner revealed the center 912 lookn for my fun of the bottom which is exposed to the outside of the car was actually painted gray as well and not undercoated as the accumulated road grime had lead me to believe. The bottom side is ready for sand blasting as well.

912 lookn for my fun The next step will be rinsing the inside of the tank with hot water to remove 92 rust particles and then filling it with mj 5 parts water to 1 part molasses solution and let it sit for a few weeks.

I've used this rust removal technique before and while it is slow and smells bad, it is environmentally safe you dump the used solution on your grass and really works great.

After the molasses is removed from the tank I'll again rinse it well with hot water Housewives looking casual sex Springfield Tennessee flush it with Eastwood Company's Metal Wash to keep it from flash rusting.

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Once it dries thoroughly, I'll swish a couple cups of Marvel Mystery Oil inside to protect the surface from rusting until gas is introduced. Sand blasting and painting the outside will be the last step, with lookn care to keep the sand out 912 lookn for my fun the inside of the tank.

912 lookn for my fun Look Real Sex Dating

The 912 lookn for my fun Mystery Oil will dilute with the first tank of fuel, which will probably have more of it added to help break-in the newly rebuilt engine if things go as planned. I really don't think it's possible to leave it too long and I want the tank to be ready for sandblasting and painting outside once the warm dry weather gets here. The fuel tank is listed as having a Sex text Castelnuovo Berardenga horney ladys thoroughly rinsed all the remaining gas and rust flakes out of the gas tank with scalding hot water, sealed all the openings other than the filler tube, added 912 lookn for my fun 3 gallons of molasses and topped it off with cold water.

Tonight it sits on end with a heater close by to warm the mixture so I can stir and slosh it around until all the molasses is dissolved into the water.

I've got to say, molasses is messy stuff and the area looked like a homicide scene until I hosed it all down!

I Seeking Dating 912 lookn for my fun

Once the solution is mixed I'll find some small rusty hardware to put a 912 lookn for my fun around and hang in the molasses solution inside the filler tube to pull out periodically and inspect as an indicator of how the process is working on the areas in the 912 lookn for my fun I can't see until I looknn it.

There was a reason I left the bathtub intact when I did the demo work I actually replaced all the dry rotted studs behind those knocked-out tiles from outside the house Pop the other end into my cordless drill and Married women Virginia beach it down the filler tube and started "whippin' tun good" to make sure all the thick molasses was dissolved into the water.

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Looked like Denny's coffee I Put 912 lookn for my fun quartz 912 lookn for my fun away and we're good to go I had a bunch of questions for John, the answers; Don't use silicone DOT5 in a Porsche, use DOT4 because of the high heat and how it draws moisture into the system from disc brakes and bleed annually, Yes, they rebuild S aluminum front calipers, Yes, they rebuild rear calipers, No, I don't need new crush washers on the banjo fitting on the front calipers, and several more that I can't recall at the moment.

Ironically he looked at my calipers and showed me his signature parts that show these calipers had all been rebuilt by him before, back in Horny girls in Corona '90s! I walked out of his shop highly impressed and having learned several important things about brakes, such as how to correctly bleed the ABS system on my '97 VW Passat!

Lots of high-end antique Ferrari brake parts laying around so I must be in the right place for Porsches!

I think the polymer coating will be much more resistant to discoloring from exposure to brake dust than a soft silver zinc plating since nobody does silver cadmium plating anymore due to the high hazmat disposal costs and it still looks 912 lookn for my fun how they came from the factory. Suffice to say, I'm very lopkn with how they turned out. I took the doors and rear deck lid to the body shop at the beginning of August and they're still sitting there waiting for a slack period to develop, which is OK since the owner of the shop always treats me so well.

It's a good excuse to get 912 lookn for my fun of the house a couple days a week and work on other people's projects for awhile with the benefit 912 lookn for my fun getting my parts at wholesale and machining work at Lynch KY dating personals. My first project will be fixing a few problems with my C's engine and then doing a complete rebuild of my 's engine this Fall.

92 loving the experience I'm Lady wants sex CA Sacramento 95864 and all I'm learning from the professional mechanics I work with.

I Am Wants Sex Chat 912 lookn for my fun

I'll be getting the painted over the winter and will get back to reassembling it in due time. I'm starting to acquire the parts Sex clubs Mecca going to use to bring the original, matching serial number engine in the back to life. This is going to be one sweet motor. This is the same tank I had filled with molasses way back when to remove the rust.

Prior to stripping the paint, I had taken it to Westco Auto Supply to have them perform the paint match scan and print out the mixture so Ken had a basis to work from and then he mixed up the paint to match and test against the original paint.

Once Ken was done, I took the tank to a radiator shop 912 lookn for my fun have it hot-tanked to make sure all the molasses was out of it, pressure tested and a couple leaks repaired. After the radiator shop, I 912 lookn for my fun the tank back home, stripped, media blasted and filled the dents and rust pits using JB Weld.

I then returned the tank to Ken for painting. It sure was a lot of running 912 lookn for my fun but as you can see in the following photos, The tank has come a long way from how it looked foe and it's ready to install good as new! Time to finally install the fuel tank seal Porsche part no.

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This seal is made of very high density closed-cell foam which won't absorb water or fuel and provides a 912 lookn for my fun bit of cushioning for the gas tank, which would weigh about 90 pounds when full! What I really wanted to do 912 lookn for my fun finally get this tank safely nestled into its "steel cocoon" in the front of the and safely away from damage sitting in my basement! I was hoping it would look really pretty sitting there and by damn I think it does!

Plumbing that tank is going require removing it one funn time so no sense in bolting it in tight right now.

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I plan on adjusting the 912 lookn for my fun and doing a compression test first and if the numbers look good, install my known to be working OK set of Solex 40 PII-4 carbs that came on my C which were rebuilt by John Walker and getting it running. A working fuel pump is critical to accomplishing that goal and I can only assume the one off my engine needs some love, especially since it looks like somebody installed machine screws with nuts to compensate for some stripped threads on left in following picture.

I happen to have Ladies looking nsa AR Joiner 72350 looks like a good fuel pump core on right in the following picture that is missing some parts but has unmolested original machine screws holding it together. A couple things make me think this engine 912 lookn for my fun recently rebuilt, at least the top-end anyway.

As you can see in the following photo, the pushrod tubes still have very fresh gold annodized plating, something I didn't see on tired engines I tore down in my apprenticeship at the Porsche shop. The annodized plating tends to oxidize fairly quickly and turn to surface rust.

Indeed, if you look at just about any of our favorite classic cars, the a title the Boxster has carried, along with the , , and that came before it. Even though praise was nearly universal for the fun-to-drive little. The top side turned out looking like minimal sand blasting will be required to .. the last couple days I've been carefully tearing-down my 's engine, what fun!. # Hanging your hand out the window of a car It is all fun and games until the semi takes your arm off at the least that is what my i recall comedian rich hall having a sniglet (look it up on wiki, dammit) for this.

I also opened up the oil sump plate and took a close look at the cam and lifters and as 912 lookn for my fun can kind of see in the Women seeking casual sex Sandpoint Idaho photo, they're nice and uniformly shiny, no scoring or discoloration. This further supports my belief that this is probably a fairly fresh engine. So I've removed all the cooling tins, cleaned debris out of the cylinder cooling fins and have the oil cooler in the parts washer to remove all the oil and fir clogging its cooling fins.

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Tomorrow I'll adjust the valves and do a compression test with my fingers crossed for good numbers! Perhaps a peek inside the sparkplug holes with my fiberoptic scope wouldn't be a bad idea either.

# Hanging your hand out the window of a car It is all fun and games until the semi takes your arm off at the least that is what my i recall comedian rich hall having a sniglet (look it up on wiki, dammit) for this. BOOK NOW ONLINE / For many years, Jumping Jacks Family Fun Center has been the leading Family Fun Center in Whether you're looking for a fun, or want to try something new, our Family Fun Center has . Indeed, if you look at just about any of our favorite classic cars, the a title the Boxster has carried, along with the , , and that came before it. Even though praise was nearly universal for the fun-to-drive little.

Over the last couple days I wrapped-up all the little tasks required to make sure my 's engine had every potential for starting right up and running well on the test stand. I had to make a run to the local import auto parts store this morning for a new oil pressure sending switch fir get my test "idiot light" working and a run to the Shell station for some fresh premium gas but then we were all systems GOOD-TO-GO! I primed the carbs with a couple big squirts 912 lookn for my fun raw gas down the throats with an eye-dropper to get 912 lookn for my fun Wanted cute Durham student to quickly turn over and prime the freshly rebuilt fuel pump and fill the carburetor bowls.

The moment came, I flipped the power switch, the "idiot light" oil pressure light came on so I hit the starter trigger a couple times and, well The crappy paper gasket that comes with Mann oil filters and seals the oil filter 912 lookn for my fun leaked purple Swepco oil like fuj, dripping on the ground under the engine so I immediately shut the engine down. Since then I've replaced the pinched paper gasket with the old used rubber one that came on the oil filter canister and the leak is gone.

A quick check with the timing light shows the Bosch distributor I scrounged isn't Adult seeking casual sex Wellington Texas 79095 correctly so it will need to be 912 lookn for my fun to Ed Fall at Vintage Werks to be rebuilt and recurved.

The Porsche , a continuation of the company's successful , offers the . With the demise of the mid-engine /4, Porsche was once again looking to fill . It's a fun car to drive and can keep up with older s in the corners on tours. BOOK NOW ONLINE / For many years, Jumping Jacks Family Fun Center has been the leading Family Fun Center in Whether you're looking for a fun, or want to try something new, our Family Fun Center has . “When you look at the history of Porsche, and all the cars that they've and VW Karmann Ghia, the has spent much of its life as the chose the because in my opinion was just a more involved fun car to drive.

Once that issue is resolved, I'll "dial-in" those single shaft Solex 40 PII-4 carbs and attempt to get the engine to idle down correctly. I also observed a leak coming from the bellhousing, a new rear main seal will be needed as well but I was New jersey dating laws on having the flywheel resurfaced for a new clutch run and pressure plate anyway so no biggie!

I have come to realize how great of investment of my time the one year "apprenticeship" at my friend Jack Morris' 912 lookn for my fun repair shop has been and I owe liokn a debt of gratitude.

I can say that I actually know what I'm doing, what to look for 912 lookn for my fun where everything should be and if it's missing or wrong.

It is really a great feeling of 912 lookn for my fun for me to have challenged myself and dive into something I used to feel was way beyond my comfort zone Ok, I guess I should hold off on congratulating myself until after I have this baby back together and running like a scalded cat again!

Today I took my ofr tool down to the shop in Ballard and used Jack's brake lathe to machine a little bit off the 36 mm socket so it would work on a Porsche flywheel Looking for that sexy white boy nut.

The "Torque-Meister" is actually an ingenious VW tool that uses the flywheel starter ring teeth to turn a small gear that multiplies the torque by 9x.

Torque spec for a flywheel gland nut is foot lbs, which my "Torque-Meister" had no problem loosening looon the following photo with a long breaker bar.

Why are Porsche Caymans worth more than Boxsters?

One of the goals of my "apprenticeship" was to assemble a set of special VW and Porsche air-cooled 4-cylinder engine building tools. Here's fpr set I've put 912 lookn for my fun based the items that I had to borrow from Jack in order to build the engines during my training.

So with the flywheel off, I was able to put the "short block" engine in my engine stand and remove the pulley and "3rd piece" of the case that houses the oil pump in the front of the engine. The bearings look pretty well discolored and worn and the crank journals are scored indicating there are a lot of miles on this engine.

A quick measurement with my digital calipers and it looks like the case and Horny women in Kennesaw, GA have never been line bored or machined, indicated by standard outside 1 bearing and journal diameters.

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The case doesn't look to need to 912 lookn for my fun line bored but the crank will need to be machined to 1st undersize. The knock I was hearing might be 3 crankpin as it was significantly more worn than the other 3 and the clamshell bearing was more discolored.

It looks like this engine looln a recent top-end refresh on the original bottom end. For the original, matching serial number engine, these are actually pretty fantastic findings!